Hi folks, I feel so incredibly lucky to be listed as highly commended for VIVA LA NOVELLA X and grateful to have the opportunity to receive a manuscript assessment from the judge, Jasmin McGaughey. It’s such a rare gift to receive professional feedback on your MS, and this is a MS I have really been searching for guidance with to take it to where it needs to be. I honestly was about to drawer it, as I’ve started on my next novel, but now I’m really looking forward to seeing where I can take it. Feeling optimistic, hopeful, and so lucky because, for me, it’s up there with being shortlisted for the Vogel all so long ago now, with the extra bonus of being offered expert guidance. Massive congrats to fellow listers and to all who keep persisting and sharing their words. X

News Archive

The lovely folks of Cordite Poetry Review have published my lyric essay ‘Net Carries Water’. It’s about losing my mum, speculative nostalgia, and grief.

In my essay for TEXT, I reflect on teaching writing at a regional university.

Arial Gore includes Nobody in her list of 10 Magical Feminist Books that Inspire Creative Resistance (Literary Hub).

In my lyric essay ‘We might as well call it a boat’ for TEXT, I ponder the lyric essay shape, heterotopias, trauma, and the complex characterisation of Carol from The Walking Dead.

Sean Wright  reviews Nobody (Adventures of a Bookonaut).

Louise Allan features my personal observations of being brave as a writer in her series Writers in the Attic.


Other Selected Writing


2020, Net Carries Water — Cordite Poetry Review

2019, Liminal interventions in the regional creative writing classroom — TEXT

2017, We might as well call it a boat — TEXT

2016, Being Brave As A Writer — Writers in the Attic

2015, Bright Orange Cowboy Boots — apt

2012, Tink Wildly — apt

2012, Bad Fruit — LiNQ

2010, When One Cries, The Other Tastes Salt– AntipodeanSF

Intersections of Therapy and Aesthetics: Ekphrasis, Magic Realism, and Healing Child Abuse in Contemporary Autobiography — Double Dialogues In/Stead